Monday, 4 April 2011

Peeing behind a pile of snow

When the flight took off from the landing strip on Greenland I was sooo happy. I don’t think I have ever been so ready for take off as I was after eight days on Greenland. Eight days with my new colleagues, eight days off teambuilding, God I know these people well now, an effective speed dating! Looking back it was a unique experience and something I will remember forever….and that is not the case for all business trips I can assure you!

I don’t think I had ever envisage me literally living on a landing strip before, in a shelter they called hotel when it actually was an old military base, in a room you just could not stand to be in. To give you a flavour of the things we did to keep us occupied in the middle of nowhere we LISTENED, yes you read right, we listened to a football game on radio. All 10 of us sitting in one room listening to radio, bizarre, but more entertaining than I think you think! After a couple of hours the guide told us we could go to a bowling hall and we all got very, nearly too, excited about this opportunity…after another hour she informed us the bowling hall was closed, they waited for spare parts….which they had done for the last six months! 

Another little experience was to go on a bus trip for a full day without any opportunity to go to the ladies, what do you do when you are travelling with work, with your new leadership team and new company? You simple have to live with the fact that you have to ask the gentlemen to move away and try to hide….on the top of a glacier….behind a little snow pile…it is just not I!

On the other hand I must say that this trip really made me get to know this team and God we have laughed, so what more can you ask for or what else can you do when you are stuck on a military base on Greenland? Sit and cry, no thank you, just waste of time, so just had to go with the flow!

Tomorrow time for Düsseldorf!

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